Fort Knox for files

If you often worry about what you place on your USB flash drive or laptop, because you are afraid that sensitive data will fall into the wrong hands, look no further. TrueCrypt is an awesome open source encryption software for locking up your data and best of all it’s free. I have been using TrueCrypt for years and this little encryption powerhouse is just one of those tools that I cannot live without. Everytime I buy a new PC or USB, I encrypt a gig or two of partition space for those files I deem appropriately sensitive. You can even create a ‘hidden’ partition, which uses a separate password than your main partition. This is a safeguard for those not-so-often hairy times when Paulie Walnuts is threatening to pull your finger nails out if you don’t give him your password. You give Mr. Walnuts only your main partition password and bam, fooled. You can leave your fingernails in place…for now. Find