Just who do you think you are?

As an everyday Joe, being able to find out who is behind a phone number could help identify a crank caller, scammer or phone threat.  As an investigator we have long had resources for this type of thing, some that are free and many which cost money.

In my previous post titled Jenny 867-5309 I detail many sources used to help identify phone subscribers. Those were sources utilizing either caller ID data or directory assistance. But what if the phone number you are trying to ID is a mobile phone and is not listed in an online database? You could call the number and listen to the voicemail, but that would compromise your own phone number. Drum roll please…..here’s the turn.

Super-sleuth Robert Scott author of the “The Investigator’s Little Black Book” and proprietor of www.skipsmasher.com has created a nifty little investigative tool for the masses called Spy Dialer. How it works is you submit the subject’s mobile number into Spy Dialer and it anonymously queries the voicemail system of that number. The cool part is what magicians call the Prestige; a surreptitious recording of the subscriber’s voice and that’s not all…the ability to download the recording to your PC!

Well now you may ask, what’s the catch?  No catch. There is both a free and a paid service. The only vice of the free service is if your perp calls the number back it will play a short quip about Spy Dialer. The paid service is a very reasonable at $9.95 per year. There is even an Android app currently available and an iPhone app in the works.

So the next time you get this Prank Caller (offensive), the only question will be, do I want to be the victim or victor? Spydialer.com

Keep following those virtual breadcrumbs. ~ The Hi-Tech P.I.

Change is a good thing

Get back to the really important work…like making some fresh coffee.

When you are investigating someone who operates a website, you are always looking for incriminating content. I have been asked by many clients to investigate a website based on content that is no longer there or has been deleted by the author. This is inconvenient, but a fact of life. Blogs and websites in general change all the time. The ‘most’ inconvenient thing about the process is having to constantly check a site for new content several times a day just to figure out if changes have been made. This is both a waste of your billable time and just plain annoying. A web service like www.changedetection.com can help solve this problem.

“ChangeDetection.com provides page change monitoring and notification services to internet users worldwide. Anyone can use our service to monitor any website page for changes. Just fill in the form below, we will create a change log for the page and alert you by email when we detect a change in the page text. We’ve been doing it since 1999. It’s free.”

So now you can tell your client that you have it handled and wait for the notification to arrive in your inbox. Now get back to the really important work…like making some fresh coffee. ~TheHiTechPI

Photo Hunt

I think we have all come across a case where we wish we just had that last bit of data on a subject in order to wrap it all up. Social networks are a wonderful resource for information and there are numerous ways we can search them. The primary ways to search social networks are by subject name or email address. There are some great tools out there for this, but we will cover that another time. What happens if your subject is using an alias or not his/her usual email address? Well, we could search by picture, that’s how. By picture you say? Ain’t technology grand. There are technologies on the horizon that are epic in nature. Google itself has said that by flicking a switch right now, they could activate facial recognition technology across their entire search platform. Could you imagine the power of this tool? Now privacy advocates are of course up an arms and keeping Google from releasing the feature right now. You could imagine a 45-year-old professional woman with a family who now after being searched via Google Image search with FR, could be identified in an unflattering nude photo from their spirited college days.

Well with all of that said, this tool I am passing on to you is not quite facial recognition, but does use attributes contained in the photo to search billions of other photos for possible matches. Next time you have a photo and need to find more sources of data try

Is Waldo hiding his business in Panama?

Have you ever thought that a subject you are investigating may be behind a Panama corporation? But you don’t know the name of the corporation, only the name of the subject? Well even though the Panama Public Register only lets you search by business, this little known link will help you do the