IP Cybercrime Bootcamp World Tour

Don’t miss the next IPCybercrime Boot Camp taught by my brother and mentor Rob Holmes.

“Rob Holmes, CEO of IPCybercrime.com LLC, has created a much-anticipated workshop on the state-of-the-art techniques that have made him the premier innovation leader in the Online Investigations industry. Never before, anywhere, has this much quality content been imparted in one place.”

This truly is the highest quality instruction available on Internet investigations in our industry. Every attendee is wowed at the amount of content, as well as the usefulness of Rob’s techniques.

For a list of Venues and for more info visit this link IPCybercrime Boot Camp

Is Waldo hiding his business in Panama?

Have you ever thought that a subject you are investigating may be behind a Panama corporation? But you don’t know the name of the corporation, only the name of the subject? Well even though the Panama Public Register only lets you search by business, this little known link will help you do the

Big hairdos and bell bottoms…

Do you have a perp or subject who you are investigating, but they are not internet savvy enough to be listed on social networks? Well you still need to put a face to the name for possible service or stakeout, right? But hey, you know from their relative or friend that they went to college at “Hard Knocks” University, right? Well a good resource for actual scanned pages of hundreds of yearbooks is right here. Enjoy.