Quid Pro Quo

I am in my mid 30’s and have been conducting investigations most of my life. My father was a New Jersey State Trooper and after retiring, started his own detective agency. I was conducting surveillance, trash grabs and skiptraces from a very early age. Having the insight of watching two generations in my family be on the forefront of the investigative field, has been in invaluable resource. In the past 8 years I have seen an epic level of growth in my level of knowledge and skill with adapting to new found technology and utilizing them to solve cases. As technology advances, so does economic growth of intellectual property owners and society in general; however it enhances the criminal enterprise as well. The more advances we see in technology, the more often criminals will find a way to use this for their own benefit. Of course at a great cost to the rest of us. It is my goal, and our industry’s for that matter, to stay ahead of the techno-savvy slime and assist in educating each other, so we are the ones on the inside and not the out. This blog is about us giving, in order to recieve useful, relevant information. – The Hi-Tech P.I.