This is a little Creepy

Imagine the ability to type in someone’s Twitter handle and find out everywhere that person has been. Their local coffee shop, office building and even the street they live on. A little app called Creepy has made some waves with privacy advocates,  because it does just that. is an application that allows users to gather geolocation related information about other users from social networking sites and image hosting services. The information is presented in a map inside the application’s interface where all the retrieved data is shown accompanied by coordinates or other relative information.

Creepy’s location information is obtained from various sources including: EXIF tags from photos, geolocation feature from hosting API, coordinates from mobile devices and IP addresses transmitted from web checkins. Platforms currently supported are: Twitter, Foursquare, flickr,,,,,,,,,, and The one catch is that this application only works if the user has location sharing turned on within the platform settings.

Try using this app the next time you have a Skip you’re trying to locate or a target you are trying to serve process. It just may be the tool you need to close that case. Like any application, it has its limitations. But I think it is a worthy weapon in our arsenal.

Creepy may be downloaded from here:

Keep following those virtual breadcrumbs. ~ The Hi-Tech P.I.

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