A Warrior Poet – Bob Holmes (1948-2004)

If I could ever describe my father in two words it would be a “Warrior Poet”

The Warrior Poet- The ‘Warrior’ part of the name is there for a reason. He has lost none of his edge from his rowdier days, and will not hesitate to make use of his fighting skills when all other options have been exhausted. He merely asks questions before he strikes.

Anyone that was lucky enough to know him, knows that the above describes Bob to a tee.  He was one of the most affable tough guys I have ever known. Always quick with a left hook, but quicker with a smile.

As much as we men strive to be our fathers, there is always some aura that we lack, and of course that is what makes us individuals, but it is also what makes us incomplete. ~ Jason Holmes

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