Spying? There’s an app for that.

In the detective profession, you will undoubtedly one day have a client or prospective client who is so paranoid they think their neighbor can hear inside their house or their ex-boyfriend can secretly access their mobile phone. A person would usually assume that this is just paranoia brought on by some rivalry between two former friends or ex-lovers. Afterall, how easy is it to bug a house or surreptitiously monitor a mobile phone? Well the latter just got a little easier. A new Spyware program, created by mobile app developer DLP Mobile, was recently released called Secret SMS Replicator. This Spyware may be downloaded and installed on smart phones running Android OS. Once installed on the target mobile phone, the software is programmed to forward every text message received on that phone to a phone number of choice by the installer. To top it off the program runs silently and remains undetected in menus and processes. Apparently the only method of removing this malicious software is to delete the contents of the phone, or the “installer” must text the target phone with digits “000” (or a predetermined code), but must be done from the phone the texts are being forwarded to.

Here is the advertisement seen on YouTube:

This intentionally malicious program is available for purchase to the public on Handango.com at this link Secret SMS Replicator for $19.99. As an Android phone user, I perused the Android marketplace and found software that advertises removal of the above, but it seems relatively untested. So next time a person tells you that someone is intercepting their phone calls or text messages, don’t be dismissive, ask first if they have an Android phone. ~TheHiTechPI

*UPDATE- The Secret SMS Replicator is no longer available at the above link. It may be available somewhere else on the net, but since I do not condone its use, I am not going to search it out. (shame on you for trying 😉

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