A guide for everything

Have you ever wished you could find written guidelines on a specific topic? Or maybe a refresher on a certain type of investigation? Well you could send out a post on an industry LISTSERV, but than you are publicizing to possible competitors that you are not knowledgeable in that area. This could lead to loss of business and/or respect in certain circles.

There are many (usually difficult to find) resources for guides on various topics; however a dedicated search engine would be ideal. This is where theguidedb.com comes into the picture. Just say you need to know the process to subpoena Facebook.com. Well just go to theguidedb.com and type in ‘facebook subpoena’…voila! Do you need a refresher on arson investigation? Type in ‘arson investigation’ and you will conveniently be provided a link to download a copy of the U.S. DOJ fire and arson scene evidence manual. theguidedb.com is a pretty good resource. ~TheHiTechPI

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