Photo Hunt

I think we have all come across a case where we wish we just had that last bit of data on a subject in order to wrap it all up. Social networks are a wonderful resource for information and there are numerous ways we can search them. The primary ways to search social networks are by subject name or email address. There are some great tools out there for this, but we will cover that another time. What happens if your subject is using an alias or not his/her usual email address? Well, we could search by picture, that’s how. By picture you say? Ain’t technology grand. There are technologies on the horizon that are epic in nature. Google itself has said that by flicking a switch right now, they could activate facial recognition technology across their entire search platform. Could you imagine the power of this tool? Now privacy advocates are of course up an arms and keeping Google from releasing the feature right now. You could imagine a 45-year-old professional woman with a family who now after being searched via Google Image search with FR, could be identified in an unflattering nude photo from their spirited college days.

Well with all of that said, this tool I am passing on to you is not quite facial recognition, but does use attributes contained in the photo to search billions of other photos for possible matches. Next time you have a photo and need to find more sources of data try

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